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Email Marketing Strategy For Affiliate Marketing Beginners With Opt In Leads – Cliqly

Any email marketing strategy that generates income requires three things:

  1. A responsive email list
  2. A cost efficient way to send emails
  3. Offers to email and make money from.

The Cliqly platform provides all three of them as a practically self-contained DFY email marketing strategy platform. With Cliqly users can easily build their own opt-in email lists for an unbelievable average cost of .10 cents or less. The Cliqly system also provides all of the required prewritten and tested email templates, the email platform to send them from, along with integrated offers that generate both cost -per-click (CPC) & cost per action (CPA) commissions for income generation.

Click here to watch a quick video and learn more about Cliqly

The simplest way to describe how Cliqly works is to view the Cliqly email strategy as a sequence of two steps. Build your email list and send offers to your list.

Here is a short summary of how the Cliqly system implements a strategy to easily build highly responsive email lists that generate an immediate income from pre-opt in emails.

Build a responsive email list & generate commissions

Build a responsive email list by sending out pre-written and tested emails to millions of people already in the Cliqly system who have requested more information on the types of products and offers you provide. People will open your emails and a percentage of them will click on your offer links.

Openers get added to your personal email list. This generates a highly responsive list of openers. A percentage of openers will click. You get paid commissions (CPC) for every click.

Repeat the above to continually grow your list over time to incrementally build your list and generate additional income.

Send commission generating offers to your list to generate commissions daily

Using CliqlyPro ( A subsystem of the Cliqly system) send emails daily. Email templates are prewritten and provided by the Cliqly system. They are proven and tested emails that are easily sent via the Cliqly email platform with only a few clicks. These emails can contain links to Cliqly provided offers or to external offers for related products and services for income generation.

All clicks to Cliqly offers automatically generate immediate CPC or CPA Commissions. Clicks to external offers have the potential to generate additional income from offers and promotions that are external to the Cliqly system. Cliqly was recently updated and now requires a subscription to their payment system to track and receive payouts for commissions.

Furthermore, with Cliqly users are supposed to be able to download their lists for use on other external email platforms for additional income generating opportunities. However, it is highly not recommended for external use.

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