Solo Ads & Email Marketing Success

Solo Ads & Email Marketing Are Still The Bedrock of Success in 2023 and Beyond

Solo Ads and Email Marketing are still the cornerstone of success when it comes to successful online marketing.

Cost per lead stats show that leads generated from seo and email marketing are among the most cost effective and that all forms of online lead gen are way cheaper than offline lead gen.

Email Marketing:

Truth be told, not only is email marketing one of the most cost effective ways to acquire leads online, but it is foundational to marketing success and resilient to the ebbs and flows of popularity often associated with new media platforms, technologies and etc.

Over the last few years email marketing and especially solo ads have been overlooked.  The promise of new-fangled methods for acquiring customers and driving sales has been at the forefront.

Everyone has been focusing on social media, video marketing podcasting and a myriad of new and upcoming techniques and developing technologies. Meanwhile, email marketing, the work-horse of sales conversions has been in the background working as it always has.

Solo Ads:

Solo Ads are standalone advertisements that are sent out via email directly to a lead or potential lead.

When used correctly, solo ads are a key component of successful email marketing efforts.  They offer the best ways to acquire targeted leads and ultimately sales conversions.

Solo ads can be used to directly acquire sales leads for affiliate products as well as other types of online offers. However, Solo ads are most effective when used in conjunction with the creation and build out of targeted email lists.

Solo ads in conjunction with creating and maintaining targeted email lists is the most cost  effective and efficient method for acquiring the high quality leads that ultimately convert to sales.

Success with solo ads is not strictly based on the success of your promotion alone. Don't overlook the fact that you are building an asset of targeted leads in your mailing list. This list can be used and re-used to promote affiliate offers, products and services daily at no additional cost to you. Where else can you get that?

As they say ” The money is in the list”.

Basically, there isn't much out there that is better/more effective than solo ads. However, solo ads have gotten a bad rap because there are a lot of bad characters out there that are untrustworthy and sell fake traffic.

If you learn to purchase solo ads from reputable sellers you will find the effort to be extremely well worth it.

The key is to find trust-worthy and reputable sellers. This can be done by reviewing references, using reputable services and/or by referrals from others to select a hand full of sellers. The next thing to do is to test each of your selections by purchasing an amount of traffic from each to determine which is best.

For more details about what solo ads are, refer to my previous post “Solo Ads: What They Are and How They Work“.

Solo Ads & Email Marketing Success:

The combination of solo ads and email marketing is a powerful and cost effective marketing technique that is just too good to be overlooked.

The use of quality solo ads to drive affiliate sales while building and maintaining your email list offers a perpetual source of high converting leads. This approach is resilient to shifts in the popularity of various social media platforms as well as shifts in technology.

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