The Truth about Internet Marketing

As the saying goes knowledge is power. However, when we are talking about Internet Marketing and SEO knowledge alone doesn’t go very far.

I am an online entrepreneur with many years of software engineer and applications development involving leading edge technologies. I would like to share what I have found.

Having developed many web site applications and Internet application integrations for top firms over the course of my career, suffice to say, there are not many technical issues that are beyond my ability.

The world of Internet Marketing and SEO is very broad and vast. Even with a strong technical background there are many challenges and road-blocks to overcome.

Success can be fleeting. Don’t ask how many times have I created top ranking websites only to be slapped back to page 500+ by search engine algorithm changes. The competition is fierce and the foundational and technical components of the industry are constantly shifting.

It is relatively easy to master the individual components required for launching and sustaining a reliable income online.  However, technology itself isn’t your biggest obstacle on the road to generating online income.

If I may summarize a bit, the largest obstacle is the ability to integrate the required combination of technology to achieve the desired result, which is usually some type of sale, or conversion event. Even when you succeed at generating the proper conversion events you haven’t scratched the surface to profits.

You not only must have the technical savvy to create conversions, but you must now have a good converting product or service with a high profit margin to truly achieve the desired outcome.

It is a long process, but I assure you if you are successful, it is well worth it.

Along this road I have subscribed to and/or studied various (no less than 70) internet marketing and SEO strategies, technologies, tricks and techniques. Many of them overlapped in approach and technology. With all of my efforts there remained a lack of context and focus.  How do you leverage or mix these approaches to achieve the desired conversions/Sales?

Then the other issue. Having devised a sales funnel and the technical aspects of converting visitors to customers, which is difficult enough, the next obstacle. What product /service do I sell?

Unfortunately, I often have to dawn a new hat and become a product creator? Many affiliate offers simply don’t provide the required profit margin or even access to sales data that is required to make a sustainable business out of our efforts.

Fortunately, after many hesitations, I decided to “Partner with Anthony”.  You can click the link below for more information, but let me say that of all of the programs and trainings I have taken this one “packs a punch” as far as nailing the requirements for creating a sustainable online business.

The “Partner with Anthony” program at the link below provides the required focus and context to build successful online businesses. In this program Anthony educates and guides you through, over and around technical issues. He does this via series of highly effective and measured step-by step instructions. You will learn how to and actually build your online business as you progress through the program.

Additionally, and most importantly, he completes the puzzle to success online by not only providing high converting products for your sales funnels, but the ability to partner in the perpetual revenue of his re-targeting efforts to your customers.

If you really want a leg up in your online efforts then I strongly suggest that you click below to get more information. It will be well worth your time as I know that my description of this opportunity doesn’t do it justice.  Click below to see for yourself.


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