Internet Marketing – the best passive income career idea for the for over 40s

Internet marketing opportunities offer the best career change ideas for over 40s to achieve financial independence and generate passive income online with or without a degree.

Data shows that more than 50% of older US workers are being managed out of their longtime jobs well before they planned to retire. Furthermore, statistics show that most of them never recover financially as a result of these unexpected separations.

Internet Marketing offers a viable solution for those in need of a career change, especially for those in midlife.


There is a growing need for viable training and support that provides a proven road-map for financial independence and resiliency. This is especially the case for an aging workforce that is teetering on the edge of being forced out of their previously stable careers. Fortunately, this need is being met by the availability of training courses such as the “Partner With Anthony” program that are offered by companies like Morrison Publishing.

Morrison Publishing's Internet Marketing Training program “Partner With Anthony”, clarifies and guides students around many of the shortcomings found in most Internet marketing training programs available on the market today. These shortcomings include providing training without the proper context needed to build and develop well-functioning sales funnels, not emphasizing and teaching the importance of selecting the right products or services to promote. Many programs overlook the need for maintaining an email list and its importance in generating a recurring income.

Morrison Publishing did something different compared to other businesses in the Internet marketing training space. Their  program is designed to provide the required technical focus and business context to build successful online businesses. This program educates and guides students through, over and around technical issues. This is done via series of highly effective and measured step-by step instructions. Students learn how to and actually build their online business as they progress through the program.

Additionally, and most importantly, the puzzle to success online is completed by not only providing high converting products for each student's sales funnels, but also by providing the ability to partner for perpetual revenue, This perpetual revenue is generated by re-targeted marketing to each student's customers.

Morrison Publishing addresses a growing need for viable training and support that provides a proven road-map for the achievement of financial independence and autonomy.

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