How to Go From Having Customers Balking at Your Price to Being Ready to Buy – the Power of the Word “Only”

How items are described and the words we use to frame situations can have a big impact on how we then think about a scenario. Just as saying, “I cut my finger, but there’s only a little blood” versus, “I cut my finger and there’s blood everywhere,” paint two very different pictures, the words you […]

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How to Use a Sense of Urgency to Increase Your Sales: Offering a Limited Time Deal

A sense of urgency can be a great motivator, both in encouraging a sale and in life. To use urgency in business, look at offering limited time deals, especially ones that don’t last more than a few days tops.  And if you have an e-mail list, mail them a lot more on the final day […]

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How to Increase Your Conversions With This Simple Trick

There’s many strategies to increase conversions, but have you tried this one? Try ending your prices with a 7, .95, 5 or .95. Instead of charging $10, for instance, consider charging $9.97. Even though it’s only a few cents less, people seem to think that it sounds cheaper. Even on high priced items the same […]

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Want to Charge More for Your Services? And Still Have People Lining Up to Buy From You? Here’s How!

So how can you charge more for your services? How can you increase your price tag and still have customers lining up to buy from you? One easy way is to change your offer from a simple product/service to a done-for-you offer. What does this mean? Check out this example below. Say, instead of charging […]

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How to Increase Your Prices and Boost Your Business’s Profits

People often overlook this very simple, very easy way to increase their business’s profits: increase your prices. Most people tend to undercharge for their services, so try increasing your prices, as a test, and see what happens. Funnily enough, most people perceive something that is higher priced as being of higher quality, which can encourage […]

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Why Some Businesses Fail?

Business is a complex concept that many fail to grasp. A business only emerges to be successful if it is implemented after thorough planning with passion, discipline, and after a great deal of research. Sustaining a business can become extremely difficult after a certain period of time due to budget constraints and poor planning. According […]

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Email list marketing Platform

How A Turnkey Email Platform Makes Sending Proven Emails From Home Simple

Simple and easy to use turnkey email platform allows you to email hundreds of thousands of opted-in potential new customers.  Continue reading to see how easy email marketing can be with Cliqly. With Cliqly all of the hard work is done for you and it is easily accessible via a web-based app. Choose your niche, […]

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Cliqly - email marketing platform - A DFY Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy For Affiliate Marketing Beginners With Opt In Leads – Cliqly

Any email marketing strategy that generates income requires three things: The Cliqly platform provides all three of them as a practically self-contained DFY email marketing strategy platform. With Cliqly users can easily build their own opt-in email lists for an unbelievable average cost of .10 cents or less. The Cliqly system also provides all of […]

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How to Make Money Online With Your Own Email List For Side Hustle Income

How to Make Money Online With Your Own Email List For Side Hustle Income (opt-in)

Today you can easily make money online for a side hustle income with your own opt-in email list. Here are a few great tips for building your email list and making sure it stays active and profitable. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business online. You don’t need a […]

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