How To Start Online

Want to Start Something Online But Not Sure Where to Begin?

Many want to start an online business without a clue of where to begin.

Here's the Truth: You Don't Need Your Own Product.

In fact, if you're just getting started, it's often better to promote other people's products, high-quality and proven to work, before creating something of your own.

Now, if this sounds like a brand new business idea I promise you, it isn't. It's actually how the majority of stuff is sold online these days by companies such as:

-American Express

These companies use partners like you and me to get their message out there, and give back on every sale. But like any “simple” method, there's a few strategies you can swipe to take this to the next level…

Strategy #1: Focus on Recurring Products.

Find products with monthly subscriptions.

This way, you're not reliant on the hamster wheel of generating new customers every month.

Strategy #2. Find Products that “Stack”

What does that mean?

Instead of finding a handful of one-off products or courses to promote in your niche, find things that naturally go together.

Too many marketers pitch course after course, instead of products that build on each other or “Stack.” This will increase your AOV (Average Order Value)

Strategy #3. Only Promote Products With Great Customer Service

If you're sold on #1 and #2, this will insure you have a high retention or stick rate.

Find companies your customers will love and will want to stick around…

In other words, treat your customers like clients, not cattle…

Herding them from one offer to the next.

I know this eliminates quite a few ‘churn & burn' products out there but remember, we're laying a foundation of bricks here, not sand.

Now, if you've gotten this far and are wondering how to proceed, here is a little wisdom about getting started with your online business.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. However, when it comes to internet marketing and online businesses, knowledge alone doesn’t go very far.

To really succeed online you need (#1) to understand how to build and develop well-functioning sales funnels. Additionally, and often overlooked, is the need to (#2) promote products or services that have a large enough profit margin to generate revenue/income. As most of us have found out, one-off affiliate sales, just doesn’t really pay off for affiliates.

The most efficient way to navigate the pitfalls and traps associated with starting an online business is learn from someone who has already figured out how to do it.

In other words, get the help you need to start and succeed in your own online business by partnering with an expert who is willing to teach you the ropes. Someone who is willing to teach you step-by step and take an interest in your success.

Morrison Education offers one of the very few programs that bundle the required training,  high tickets products and recurring partner opportunities to successfully start an online business.

This training is free and has been featured all over the world.

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