New Approach Required For Profitable Affiliate Sales Online


Building an online business in today's online business environment is highly competitive and requires the insights of an expert.


I am an online entrepreneur with many years of software engineer and applications development involving leading edge technologies. I would like to share what I have found to be the major road-blocks in developing a successful online business.

Technical issues:

As a professional software developer for top firms over the course of my career, suffice to say, there are not many technical issues that are beyond my ability.

However, technical abilities, as important as they are is not enough alone to build a successful online business.  

Extreme Competition:

Success can be fleeting. Don’t ask how many times have I created top ranking websites only to be slapped back to page 500+ by search engine algorithm changes. The competition is fierce and the foundational and technical components of the industry are constantly shifting.

Extreme Complexity:

Technology itself isn’t the biggest obstacle on the road to generating online income.

The  largest obstacle is the ability to integrate the required combination of technologies and content to achieve the desired result, which is usually some type of sale, or conversion event.

Recurring Income from High Ticket Products: ( the most overlooked obstacle to your success)

Even when you succeed at generating sales you haven’t scratched the surface to profits.

You must also have a good converting product or service with a high profit margin to truly achieve the desired outcome. You can either spend the time, money and effort to create test and maintain a high ticked product to sell, or you can partner with someone who has one like Dean who is willing to partner with you and share recurring income generated by your efforts. The second option is by far the best in my opinion.

Your Road-map: 

It is a long process, but I assure you if you are successful, it is well worth it.

What's really needed is a road-map that provides the proper context and focus in order to select the proper strategies and technologies for success. You need to be able to answer the following question:  How do you leverage or mix these various technologies and marketing strategies to achieve the desired conversions/Sales?

In the  short video, found below on this page, our partner, Dean Holland, presents a new way to build a profitable business online.

Watch the video and learn what is going on with affiliate marketing that no one's been telling you.

In the following video Dean reveals more details about three key secrets to profitable affiliate sales that no one is actually talking about.

Watch the following video to learn:

  • Why high ticket commissions is the only way for the ‘little guy' to seriously profit online
  • The little known method to get paid large commissions without personally selling anything.
  • How to master paid advertising to generate income 24/7, even while you sleep.

Traditional Affiliate Marketing as you know it is dead. Watch the video below for additional insights.

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