Open An Amazon Store

Why You Should NOT Open an Amazon Store

People Say They're ‘Crushing It' with an Amazon Store in 2022, but I DON'T Recommend It.


Hear me out.

  • Sourcing products…
  • Wholesaling from China…
  • Trying to rank on the first page…

Competing against companies 8X your size with products twice as good!

This path isn't beginner friendly – by far. So when I learned that instead of competing I could PARTNER with Amazon for free – that totally blew my mind.

Yes, you read that right.

Turns out, Amazon, and so many companies like them, have a much more simple model where they're willing to partner with people who love and recommend their products.  Now, if this sounds like a “Brand New Business Idea” I promise you, that's not the case.  It’s actually how the majority of stuff is sold on the internet these days.

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • American Express

These enormous companies all use Partners like you and me to get their message out there.  Like I said, being a partner in the sales process is a lot easier than sourcing products from China and trying to rank them on Amazon.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Find something you love or are passionate about.

What are you interest in (Dog Training Courses, Digital Marketing Software, Funny T-Shirts, Leadership Books, etc.)? Finding an area that peaks your interest allows you to easily leverage your interests and knowledge to help others in search of what you know. 

Step 2: Find an audience that would love to buy them.

The key to crushing it with amazon is providing your knowledge and insights to an audience that is in need of help, information or products related to your passion.

Step 3: Set up an AUTOMATED system that promotes these offers on autopilot.

Once you learn how to automate delivering your knowledge and expertise in the  form of recommended products and services you are off and running, as they say.

The idea is to automate the process of matching the right product or service to someone needing it.  By doing this you get to collect commissions on every sale or signup that results from your knowledgeable recommendation.

You would be leveraging your knowledge and passion to recommend other people's products and services. This requires no inventory and development headaches on your part. Its working smarter not harder.

…and that’s about it.

Now, even though my mentor has been using this strategy for the past fifteen years (see video below) that doesn't mean it's stayed exactly the same.  You gotta keep up with the times.

So my mentor and I put together a Free training that walks through everything I know about getting started the right way. ⁣And included a video training to help fill in the blanks.

Click here to check it out here and let me know if you have any questions:


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